Irwin Research and Development is located in Yakima, Washington in the United States. All of our facilities are housed in a multi-building complex, in a common industrial park. A new building in 2005 added 34,000 square feet to our complex.

The company's largest investment lies in the machine shop which features numerous modern CNC machining centers, plasma arc stations, EDM machines, grinders, welding facilities, etc.

The machine shop produces all the manufactured


components for the thermoformers, "Chesaws", and tooling sets.

This valuable asset gives us the ability to provide quality parts on demand for the machines and tools in production, as well as providing for any emergency replacement parts that are not available from stock. We also have the ability to bring our new design concepts to fruition in a timely fashion thereby getting the new technologies to the customer more quickly.



Chairman of the Board

Jere Irwin is President of Irwin Research & Development. Starting in 1965 he continues to guide the company with new ideas in the plastics industry today. With more than 40 patents to his and/or Irwin Research and Development’s credit, Jere has long been a creator of new technologies.

Sales and Marketing Director

Tom Smith has worked for Irwin Research for 18 years spending the first 13 in the Engineering Department. In 2014 he joined our Sales team and has a passion for serving our customers. Tom has recently been promoted to the position of Sales and Marketing Director and will now be leading our Sales team

as well as giving direction and leadership to the future

of Irwin Research.

Technical Director

Rafael Fernandez is our technical director and he has been in our company for about 30 years. During his time with us, Rafael has worked in different departments such as Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Customer service.


of the Manufacturing


Josh Cooper is Supervisor of the Manufacturing Department for Irwin Research and has been involved in multiple departments in his more than 15 years with the company. Josh is always working towards improved product quality and efficiency with his creative problem solving and invaluable work ethic. He is also a great leader and organizer.


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