Irwin Granulator - Chesaw

For underpress operation w/Industry Standard

  28 inch Horizontal Trim Presses

• Incorporates patented Irwin R&D design concepts

• Powered and controlled from installed circuitry

  in end user’s TP cabinet

• 15, 20, 25, and 30-HP drive packages available,

  depending upon resins and output needs

• Manual, semi-auto, and fully automatic lubrication

  systems available

• Electrical safety interlock with TP

• Optional entry chute configuration and TP-mounted

  guide rails to form an integrated position control

  and guard system



• Easy access to screen

• May be ordered as standard Left Hand or

  optional Right Hand configuration to suit plant layout

• Combination 7.5 HP blower options available

• Output to plant recycling estimated (500+CFM)

• 5-HP blower standard.

• Output with 3/8 screen,

  foamed plastics = 400-600 #/hr


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