Irwin Granulator - Chesaw

Maximum Sheet Width


33.5 inches (851mm) – A special infeed chute would have to be fabricated to accommodate wider web (up to 35” width – 889mm)


In Feed Drive


• Siemens MM’4 440/3 3 HP “Vector” drive, 380- 480 Volt AC, 50/60 HZ, 3 Ø mounted in control cabinet. Higher HP ratings are optimally available as an

upgrade (5 HP).

• An Allen Bradley Vector Drive is also available as an optional upgrade for the HP specified.


In Feed Unit Motor


• Baldor 3 HP “Inverter duty” encoderless motor with optional cooling blower (120v). This motor can optionally be upgraded for heavy gauge sheet applications with high throughput requirements.

• A Reliance equivalent motor is available as an up-charge/upgrade.


In Feed Unit Gear Reduction


56:1 Ratio Worm Reduction “C” series shaft mounted David Brown gearbox is herein provided. Upgrade larger gearbox and motor are available on the options page.


Chesaw Cutting Unit


Two rows of 66 each helically stacked multi-toothed aggressive profile ¼” width self-sharpening slitting knives are provided. This cutting arrangement is a scaled version of our larger Chesaw cutting

mechanisms. Various helical staked patterns are employed in the layout to evenly distribute material for cutting while keeping oversized materials and web

tracking to the center of the Chesaw cutting chamber.


Fully Adjustable Scraper Mechanism


The scraper plate mechanism incorporates side adjustment bolts and dowel pin locators for infinitely variable positions and spacer to scraper clearance for optimal cleanout during reduction of different gauges of plastic.


Chesaw ‘Cutting Stack’ Drive


Baldor 15 HP AC induction motor with a 36:48 belt drive reduction through a 10:1 ratio series 40-style shaft mounted “Cone Drive” fan cooled gearbox provides the cutting power.






A 5 HP blower rated at 850 – 1150 CFM is standard while a 7.5 blower rated at 1000 – 1600 CFM is optional at extra cost. Fan motors are included. Left-hand fan mount facing the Chesaw control cabinet is the standard configuration. This 5hp blower does have the recirculation “air assist” feature spelled out on the options page (blower upgrade). Due to the small size of this Chesaw, the 7.5 HP upgrade is not



Screen Size




Safety Package


Emergency Stop switching. Locking electrical cabinet. Appropriate warning signage. Interlocking Tilt Chutes for safe, quick access to cutting chamber. This

feature aids in safely accessing the internals of the mechanism to clear possible jams. (This was formally an option, but has been now incorporated into the Chesaw reflecting increase in the base unit pricing.)




Oil bath lubrication on covered knife spur drive gears for single speed knife sets. Automated bearing lubrication for all drive bearings can be provided via an optional Lincoln Lube “QLS 301” programmable

system with alarm both audible and visible (strobe light). This is an up-grade option.


Electrical Control System


480 volt AC, 60 HZ, 3Ø, with a 60 amp circuit breaker


Machine Dimensions


Overall length “in-line direction” is 53” inches. (1346mm) Overall width “cross machine direction” is

94.6” inches. (2403mm) Overall height is 45.8” inches. (1163mm) with cabinet attached Overall height is 28” to 36” inches. (711 - 914mm) with cabinet remotely mounted to frame of the GN Thermoformer. The height of the infeed chute must be specified at time of ordering this model Chesaw.


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