Jere Irwin

Jere Irwin

President and Chief Executive Officer


My goals as a machinery designer were not formulated in college, but by working on the food processing machinery on the farm and in the warehouse. My job was to try to get production out of poorly designed equipment.


When I went to work for Floyd Paxton at Kwik Lok Corporation, I was fascinated to learn that machinery could be designed to be efficient, reliable and highly productive. I learned points from Mr. Paxton, who was a fantastic engineer, that I could not have learned in college. I was thankful, I resolved to pass on what I learned to others and to those on our engineering staff. It thrills me to see young engineers developing their skills in machinery design and machine control technology.


Now I am learning more from our engineers, machinists and customers than I did from Floyd Paxton. I never learned the lesson better than on the farm, that a great machine must be simple and easy to understand and maintain.


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