Irwin Stack Packer

The Irwin Research "STACK PACKER" is a free standing, continuous motion system designed to bag thermo-formed products in conjunction with a vertical trim press of other means.

The "STACK PACKER" provides high speed packing with the controlled motion of a servo driven rotary mechanism to position, open and close the seal bars.

The "C" fold film is sealed on both sides creating the bag for the product and advancing it for closing. Irwin Research provides a special delivery system to the closing head. The system is controlled by

a window XP embedded touchscreen PC mounted to the frame. The "STACK PACKER" is U.S. manufactured and incorporates the same technical advances and system reliability that is found in other Irwin Research products.

• Control: Windows XP embedded touchscreen PC with operator friendly parameter and recipes

• Speed: Stacks of 25 count will automatically match trim press production speeds.

The stack packer can easily run most stacks ranging from 20 to 65 stacks per minute


• Power: 480 VAC, 50/60 Hz

• Footprint: 18.5 feet x 11 feet (5.6 meters x 3.3 meters)

• Closures System: kwiklok tabs, side heat seal, and wire tie.

• Stack Dimension: 4 3/4" to 10 1/4" diameter by 7" high rectangular up to 9" x 12"

• Repeat: 9" minimum x 21" maximum

• Film: C-Fold with inverted print on max 20" wide roll x 22" max diameter

Irwin Stack Packer
Irwin Stack Packer

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