Irwin Tools
Irwin Tools

Irwin Research & Development has been providing high-quality, competitively-priced form and trim tools to Thermoformer customers around the world since the 1980’s.


When you require a reliable source for your PS foam and solid-sheet tools sets, look to us to provide the service you expect.














Starting with your product sample or drawing, our tooling-engineering design team uses SOLIDWORKS, three-dimensional solid-modeling software, to guarantee a tool design that matches your desired product exactly.  Once approved, product drawings are used to design form and trim tools specific to the geometry of your product.  Our solid-model geometry is directly imported into Delcam software that generates the machine code for our CNC work centers.


To ensure the durability of our tool sets, mold cavities and cooling plates are precisely machined from 6061-T6 aluminum plate stock.  Gun drilling provides an excess of cooling capacity for our mold bases allowing the fastest Thermoformer cycle speeds.


Irwin Tools

Running in coordination with our form tools; Irwin trim tools are light weight and specifically designed for running the high cycle speeds of our NT and VTS trim presses.


Patented tapered die posts and bushings work together to provide the most precise alignment between 58-60Rc hardened punch and die sets.  The precision of our tapered post allows us to achieve a line on line fit between punch and die, equivalent to a match fit at one of our wire-cut EDM work centers.


We are the original Irwin Thermoforming Machine designer and manufacturer, and a leader in design advances and patents. It is our goal to stay ahead of the rapidlychanging world of technology by making our machines easier to operate, easier to control, easier to maintain, and the most reliable in the market place.



All of our machines are backed by a worldwide group of trained service representatives each capable of returning your plant to full operation with a minimum of down time.

















From a simple foam tray to a sophisticated solid-sheet container, you can expect quality when purchasing Irwin tool sets. When all the facts are reviewed, we believe you will agree that Irwin Research & Development delivers more today and is committed to the future. Visit us online at  or call a sales representative anytime at 1-509-494-1400.



Irwin Tools

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